Multimedia services overview

Fire & IceBecause Curb Media is a small business, we are keenly aware of budget caps. We will work with you to develop your vision, meet your budget and grow your business.

Every company has a niche in which they excel. We at Curb Media pride ourselves on bringing in the industry's best and brightest artists and designers to work collaboratively for you.

We give young designers a place to grow and nurture their skills.

We are accessible. Our clients can reach us anytime to discuss their ideas. Most good marketing plans are not developed overnight. We are willing to stage projects. So even if you're not ready to move forward all at once, we can map out a strategy and piece it together when you are ready.

Mobile Responsive Designs

Every day a fast-growing number of consumers are using smartphones to browse the Internet. Every website owner should have a mobile responsive website which resizes itself based on the size of the device screen. This gives the viewer an optimal experience while on your website making navigation and reading enjoyable on smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

We have an international graphic design team. Each designer brings his/her unique style and talents. With such a large pool of designers to draw from, we can ensure a good match for your vision.

Website Design Samples   Graphic Design Samples


Working with Keith on the 2013 redesign of my Web site was a pleasure. Keith is a pro with infinite patience. He made suggestions and explained options throughout the process, but he didn’t push too hard. And he was responsive, answering my questions and replying to my queries in a timely manner...

I would recommend him unequivocally.
Beth Rubin, Author • Annapolis, MD
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